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  • 1. PRIVACY – Introduction
  • 2. What information is collected?
  • 3. Use of information
  • 5. Anonymous Browsing
  • 6. SECURITY – Information protection and security
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    -Returns Policy

1. PRIVACY – Introduction

By accessing or using web site, you agree to the terms of
the Boyne Walk Privacy Policy, as outlined below. If you do not agree to
these terms, please do not access or use this site. Boyne Walk reserves the
right to change the Online Privacy Policy from time to time at its sole
discretion. Your use of this site will be subject to the most current version
of the Online Privacy Policy at the time of such use.

2. What information is collected?

We may collect information using a number of services that best suit your
purpose for visiting our site. Information is gathered using one or a number
of the following : enquiry forms, order forms, billing forms etc.

3. Use of information

Boyne Walk collects information from you to enable us to offer you a more
personalized service. We promise to respect your privacy. Please be assured
that we will never pass on your details to third party organisations and that
your personal details are held securely and in strict confidence.


Any information gathered is to the best of our knowledge collected lawfully
and fairly through our website, all information is assumed accurate and up to
date and only information that is required to serve you as a customer is collected.

5. Anonymous Browsing

You can visit Boyne Walk on the Web without offering any information about
yourself. In these cases, our web servers only collect the name of the
domain you used to access the Internet (such as “”).
Please note that it is our policy not to send messages to our users unless
they have specifically agreed to receive such messages. If you at any time
receive such an email without having given your consent, you can email
[email protected] to immediately rectify the situation.

6. SECURITY – Information protection and security

When you submit your information to Boyne Walk, whether it be your name,
address, or information such as your age, gender or credit card information,
we do our utmost to ensure that information is protected against loss, misuse,
alteration, destruction or unauthorized access. Your personal information is
stored on servers protected by robust firewall and encryption standards.

Encryption can be used after your data has left your internal system.
Encryption renders your data unreadable using a mathematical formula. Your
data is turned back into readable form, i.e. deciphered, at the receiving
point for the information. Boyne Walk keeps information collected secure.
Within this encryption service are measures, which protect the misuse or
alteration of important information.

Due to the nature of eCommerce there is always a remote danger of information
interception no matter what barriers are in place, we suggest that if you are
still concerned with security, or unsure of the implications of transacting
data online, you may contact Boyne Walk for an alternate means of transferring
payment information. Within Boyne Walk, we have internal security processes to
ensure that your data is only accessible by those who need to access it.
Those Employees within Boyne Walk with access to your information provided are
instructed to utilize such information only in adherence to this Privacy Policy.
Any Employee(s) who utilize information for any reason other than the reasons
stated within this policy will be subject to reprimand or even legal proceedings.

7. Contact Details

If you would like to contact us for information on any of our services, customer service,
information on our privacy policy, issuing of complaint, or for any reason relating to our
site, we can be reached at the following:

Boyne Walk
Co. Louth
Tel: + 353 42 9380867
E-mail: [email protected]

VAT No: IE 5207479F

“Boyne Walk” is a trading name of Ciaran De Bhal. Registered in Ireland No.
307965 Registered address: Whitemill, Faughart, Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland