Please look at the size charts for pumps / soft shoes and jig / heavy shoes.

If you are unsure of the shoe size you require, we recommend that you draw around your foot on a plain piece of paper and measure between the two longest points (Heel to Big Toe) in Centimetres. Choose the Size corresponding to that measurement in the Drop-down menu. eg – 22.0 / 2.0

How to Draw.

Place the foot (in sox) on a blank piece of paper and draw around the foot, ensuring the pen/pencil is held vertically.

Draw a line along the foot from the two most extreme points (heel to toe) and measure. Note the length in CM’s the length of the foot and compare with the sizes marked on the chart.  Please be careful and select your size from the Softshoe or Hardshoe chart.

See drawing opposite.

We endeavour to ship correctly fitting shoes based on this information you provide. The very nature of purchasing shoes online and the differences in individual feet does not always allow a perfect fit. Thus we acknowledge it may be sometimes necessary to exchange shoes and we must ask the customer to bear the cost of additional shipping where an exchange is necessary.


Sizes shown are the suggested sizes for the foot lengths indicated. An adjustment should be made to allow room for growth etc. These charts apply to Boyne Walk branded shoes only.