Have you a comfy, broken in, old pair of heavies that would benefit from a new lease of life?

We offering a re-tipping, re-heeling and refurbishment service for heavies. We can fit your brand of heavy shoe with our renowned Thunder Tips and Hurricane Heels, Super Thunder Tips and Sound Cavern Hurricane Heels.  While we have them here, as part of the service we will replace cracked or broken ankle straps, worn laces and tired insocks, all as part of the service. We will also give the shoe uppers the once over and refinish these to a shine, giving your old shoes a new lease of life. If you would like a little more information on how we refurbish your shoes click here. You have the option of Paying online for this service or by filling out the required details on the Retipping Order Form.  Please DO include the filled out form with your shoes. Click on the Image to The Left to pay. Please download the Retipping Order Form here.