Shoes for any purpose have a limited life span. Shoes for a specific purpose, like Irish Dance Shoes are subjected to excessive forces and this may well shorten their lifespan. Enthusiastic dancers may well practice daily and attend classes weekly and compete in feiseanna regularly subjecting their shoes to stresses and sweaty feet. While care is taken in selecting materials for their use and the manufacturing processes there is a compromise between the most robust materials and manufacture and the flexibility required in a dance shoe. The very aggressive nature of dancing limits how durable and flexible a dance shoe can be.
Under normal circumstances, given a normal practice, dance class and competitive regime, dancers should expect to replace their softshoes approx. every 3 months and their hardshoes every 6 months. Dance shoes do and can last much longer than this provided they receive the care and attention they deserve.

Do …

Use a Kiwi wax polish. Leather is a natural product, it can dry out after a period of time and we recommend regular use polish or cream to keep the shoe supple.

Apply Bees Wax to stitching on soles regularly. This will help increase the life of the stitches.

Let sweat soaked shoes dry naturally. Place old scrunched up newspaper into the shoe and leave at room temperature to dry.

Untie your laces and unbuckle your straps before removing or fitting your shoes. Failure to do this can cause the heel of the shoe to collapse.

Do not …

Place near artificial heat sources.

Subject your shoes to excessive water or heat as this may cause the adhesives used in manufacture to fail.

Apply Gaffers or Duct Tape on your shoe uppers, tips or heels. Removing this tape can cause stitching to break.

Buy shoes that are too small. This causes the leather to stretch beyond its capability and a burst shoe may result.

Do not wear shoes outside or on concrete floors as the chamois leather on soles will wear out.

Even after all your care and attention your hard shoes will inevitably become worn out after a period of time, why not avail of our Refurbishment Service details of which are available here and give them a new lease of life…