BoyneWalk Re-sellers FAQ Information

Why become a dance shoe reseller?

As you are probably aware Irish Dance has undergone huge growth in recent years, with more people dancing now than at any other time. Many of these dancers are taking part in competition while others are dancing for fun, enjoyment and fitness. Regardless of their motivation, all dancers need the proper shoes. As the touring shows move from country to country, more and more people continue to swell the ranks of Irish dancers worldwide and the demand for Irish dance shoes is ever growing.

Why should I choose Boyne Walk shoes?

The directors of Boyne Walk have been involved in the Irish dancing scene since 1956. In 1972 Dealga Dancewear was founded and was the first dedicated Irish Dance shop in the world, based in Dublin until 1994, when its directors began to wholesale dance footwear. They also founded a manufacturing plant (Boyne Walk) in 1998 specialising in Irish dance softshoes. One of its directors has also been on the Executive of An Coimisiun le Rince Gaelacha (the world largest Irish dance commission) since the mid 1950’s and is the current sigging President of An CLRG. With all that experience, we, at Boyne Walk know Irish Dancing intimately and are in a unique position to meet the exacting standards that today’s Irish dancers demand.

Our shoes have been constantly developing over the years with input from dancers and teachers. We are constantly developing new materials and technologies and incorporating these into our shoes to help dancers achieve a competitive edge while maintaining comfort and durability levels. We have been instrumental in evolving dance shoes from simple leather and nails to hi-tech fibreglass, polymer resins and impact absorbing materials.

Are your shoes known by any other name?

Boyne Walk shoes are Boyne Walk shoes. We don’t deal in any other brand. However the styles may have different names from region to region. Soft shoes are also known as Ghillies or Pumps. Hardshoes may also be referred to as Rallies, Jig shoes, Treble shoes or Heavy shoes.

What is the difference in a Regular Shoe and a Flexi Shoe?

Basically, regular and flexi, refers to the sole type. Our regular shoes (Killakee & Brigadun) have leather soles, while our flexi shoes (All Black, Storms and Tornados) have a chamois leather sole. The leather soles will become flexible after some wear, but they do offer more support during their life as the leather is a stiffer material.
The chamois soled shoes offer a more flexible and comfortable fit and are used by advanced dancers who do not wish to ‘break in’ their shoes. We do not recommend these shoes for beginners or dancers with weak arches.

What is the minimum first order?

We require that to qualify for trade prices, you order at least €400.00 worth of stock. This equates only to approx. 25 pairs of softshoes or approx. 6 pairs of hardshoes or a lesser quantity of both, just to get you started. Thereafter, you can order any quantity you require. We can usually ship to you on a same day basis for sizes you may not have.

How are shoes shipped?

We use the regular Irish Postal Service (An Post SDS) world-wide, and/or Fastway Couriers within Ireland and the U.K for most consignments of up to 20 Kilos in weight. However for larger consignments we may use another courier service of our choice. If you have a preference for shipping or if you have an account with FedEx, DHL or another courier, please let us know and we will ship to your requirements.

What will shipping cost?

Shipping charges are generally weight dependent and it will generally cost more per unit if we have to ship single pairs to you. This unit cost is reduced dramatically if you are prepared to hold stock. We therefore urge you to keep a range of sizes in stock.

How long will it take to process my order?

We stock large quantities and can usually ship softshoes within 24 hours. Jig shoe orders are usually shipped on a same day basis also, but additional time of up to a week may be required at certain times of the year to process. Larger orders may take a little longer.

What are the transit times for shipments?

Ireland, N. Ireland 1 day
Europe 2 – 3 days
USA/Canada 4 – 5 days
Australia/New Zealand/S. America 7 days

These delivery times are approximate. Track and Trace numbers are available if requested.

What do I need to know about Importing dance shoes?

You will need to be aware of import duties at point of entry to your country, if not an EC member state. Different countries have different rates. We suggest that you contact your local customs agent for this information.

How much do I charge my customers?

We do not have an RRP. Customers will have to calculate unit cost, duties, shipping, overhead costs etc. It may be useful to search the Internet to find out what other resellers are charging for similar items.

What may I expect to receive with my shipment?

All international shipments must have an accompanying invoice and declaration of origin for customs purposes. Some countries may require additional documentation. This documentation will be attached to each shipment.
A packing note/delivery docket will be enclosed with each order for your convenience. Each note has a unique number that will appear on the invoice for that shipment.
Customers should note that the invoice accompanying the shipment is for customs purposes only, and does not include shipping charges. Another separate invoice including shipping charges will be sent to you under separate cover. It is this invoice that should be used for payment purposes. A copy of the delivery docket will accompany this invoice.

How can I pay for these goods?

We accept payment by Company Cheque, Bank Transfers, VISA/Mastercard and via PayPal. If you wish to pay us electronically we will provide you with our Bank details.

How do I get some shoes for stock?

Please read through our catalogue or visit our website and become familiar with our shoe styles and types and then simply contact us by phone, e-mail or write to us. We’ll only be delighted to guide you through a simple process.

What happens if the shoes don’t sell?

In the unlikely event our shoes don’t sell – send them back ! All of our shoes and accessories are sold on a ‘sale or return’ basis. If you don’t sell them, just return them to us (within 3 months of receipt) for a full refund (excluding shipping costs). We do not have a restocking charge.
We cannot however accept returns for special ‘custom’ shoes or discontinued lines. If ordering custom shoes, please make sure you order the correct size.

What do I do if the shoes are faulty?

If any of our shoes develop a manufacturing fault, we will replace them or refund the cost to you. We ask that these shoes are returned to us for examination to determine the fault.

What credit terms do I get?

Initial orders are on a Pro-Forma basis. Thereafter we may enter into a Credit agreement with you.

Re-sellers Application Form

To get started as a BoyneWalk reseller we will need to gather your information to store on file please click the following PDF file and send it to us by E-mail or post.

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