When an Arch Shaped Split just won’t fit …



* Split Soles

* Short Toe Design

* Seamed Vamp for a better pointe

* Arch Eyelets and Sideloops for a neater fit

* Shock absorbing pads at sole and heel

* Deeper Heel Fitting

* Memory Insoles

* Suits dancers with fallen arches

Flat Design

We have designed our Reel Comfort SPLIT to be constructed on a flat last. Our research shows that many dancers with fallen arches and flatter feet have difficulty in getting a good fit in an arched split sole shoe at the toe and/or the heel of the shoe.  If a good fit at the heel is achieved then the toe can pop out.  Similarly if the toe has a good fit then the heel can pop out.

flat design for flatter feet and fallen arches



With a flat lasted shoe like the Reel Comfort Split, there is no more bagginess around the heel, no more toes popping out at the front because of the arch.  The soft leather used in these shoes is flexible enough to mould to the shape of every foot type, whether you have a natural arch or not.

Remember to choose a soft-shoe that suits your foot type.

arched shoes on flat feet cause bagginess and a bad fit


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