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Having trouble with blisters or breaking in your shoes ?  The you’ve got to try our latest product.  EzeeFit Skins and Anti Blister Booties are a must.  Skins are available in XS and S Sizes and Anti Blister Booties are available in M and L

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 eZeeFit Skins

Our newest ankle bootie EzeefitskinsTM is marginally thicker (.087mm) than our Ultrathin material, but is considerably softer and has much more stretch. It also has a microfiber interior (logo goes on the outside) which feels like silk against your skin. The new Skins material also provides a bit more padding than our current Ultrathin material, yet takes up no more room. The light gray color disappears under a sock.

eZeefit Anti Blister Booties

– Ezeefit Ankle Booties act like a second skin and create a friction barrier against rubs and blisters.

Ultrathin provides protection with no bulk and won’t affect your shoe fit.

– Wear under your poodle socks.

– It’s ‘custom memory’ core retains its shape wear after wear.

– Washable and re-useable.

– No more blisters when breaking in shoes.

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XS (shoe Size 11 – 3), S (shoe size 3 – 6), M/L (shoe size 6 – 10, L (shoe size 10 and larger)

EZeeFit Skins Size XS (12 - 2 1/2)


EZeeFit Skins Size S (3 - 5 1/2)