Heavy Shoe Features

All of our heavy shoes are made from the finest leathers, lining materials and components.  Each shoe is designed to be flexible from the first wear and will become even more flexible over time.  The Killakee shoe has a traditional leather sole and will take longer to break in.  The All Black range including the Storms have suede soles that will flex immediately but will need a little breaking in, while the Tempest shoes are lightweight in design with more flexible components and will not need as much breaking in.  But regardless of your shoe choice, all of our shoes have the same features listed below.



Choose from Hi Density Polymer Tips, Fibreglass Tips, Thunder Tips or our New Super Thunder Tip.  Each tip has been researched for optimum sound.  The Hi Density Tip is lightweight and ideal for beginners shoes yet makes a distinctive sound.  The Fibreglass Tip is a little heavier with densely packed fibres and is ideal for more advanced and open dancers.  While our Thunder Tip is unique in that it is poured on to our shoes as a liquid and allowed to cure in moulds giving it the crispest, most distinctive sound available. Our New Super Thunder tip is a specially formulated polycarbonate material and gives the best sound and durability available.



Regardless of your tip choice, each of our tips has a flat Toe Walking Platform as standard, making it easier to achieve those toe walks while maintaining balance and stability, giving confidence to dancers.



We have lightweight Hi Density heels and Tufnol bubble heels available.  The Hi Density heels are ideal for dancers beginning their heavy shoe dances.  These offer a good sound and are lightweight.  Advanced and Open dancers may prefer our Tufnol Hurricane Heel that feature a bubble on the inside for achieving clicks.  These are Solid Block heels with Nylon top pieces for the ultimate sound.  All our shoes have the distinctive Boyne Walk logo on the outer heel wall.



Every heavy shoe we produce has a full insole.  Underneath this insole at the heel is a Poron pad that absorbs and protects from those landing impacts and helps prevent injuries.



Ankle straps perform a very important function in that they prevent the shoes from slipping off the heels, helping keep the shoe on the foot securely.  Our ankle straps are all lined for strength and stitched to prevent stretching over time.  They are made from high quality leather and are available in black or white.