Irish Dance, by its very nature, causes, shoes to be subjected to extreme forces. The materials used in and the construction of dance shoes are a compromise between durability and flexibility and as such it is difficult to simply guarantee all shoes in all circumstances. We are all too aware that flexibility is one of the main concerns for dancers and that many dancers go to great lengths to speed up the process of making their shoes as flexible as possible and thus damage to the integrity of the materials and the methods of shoe construction often occurs while ‘breaking-in’ shoes.
There is a limited lifespan on shoes especially when they are subjected to the forces that are inherent during Irish Dancing.

Boyne Walk offer a 30 day only guarantee on all their shoes provided the shoes are not subjected to any additional force or stress other than that of normal usage. This guarantee covers faulty materials and/or workmanship only and are subject to the Shoe Care Guidelines being followed.

This guarantee will become null and void if…

… shoes are subjected to excessive force beyond their design when being broken in.

… additional aftermarket items are attached to shoes (i.e. tape, adhesives, nails, fixings, additional straps, non-slip sole pads, etc.)

… Shoes are fitted or removed without untying laces and unbuckling ankle straps (failure to do this can cause the back of the upper to collapse).

… shoes are worn on unsuitable surfaces (concrete, wet surfaces etc.).

… shoes are intentionally or otherwise purchased too small causing excess stretching of the materials.

… shoes are retipped or reheeled by a third party.

In the unlikely event that your shoe develops a fault within the 30 day period, we ask that you contact us to help us determine the fault. We may ask that you return the shoe to us and include a Returns Form available here, as we would reasonably expect to physically examine the shoe. We will then take the appropriate action of repair or replacement. Please see Return and Exchange of Shoes here.

For shoes outside the guarantee period, we offer a Shoe Refurbishment service, more details of which can be found here.