Frequent Asked Questions

What are the differences between regular and flexi pumps?
Regular pumps have a traditional stiff leather sole, whereas flexi pumps have a non-slip, chrome split, stitched sole, which makes the pump more flexible contouring to the shape of the foot, giving a neater appearance.

What are the differences between regular and flexi jig shoes?
Regular jig shoes have what’s known as a shank, a flat steele bar, between the sole and insole, that adds rigidity to the shoe, whereas flexi jig shoes have had the shank removed in the making process, enabling the shoes to bend with the arch of the foot. Often a more supple leather is used for soling, giving even more flexibility to the shoe.

What is a super-flexi jig shoe, as opposed to a flexi jig shoe?
Despite the myth, there is not much difference. Neither style shoe has a shank but may have a more flexible soling material for extra flexability (as in our All Black shoes).

What is a ‘Reel Comfort’ pump?
Reel Comfort pumps have been developed as a result of dancers enquiring after a more comfortable pump. Traditional pumps have been a source of discomfort for dancers since they were introduced, as a result of additional linings, hard, thick insoles and uncomfortable pleats. The Reel Comfort pump combats these problems by its very design. It is a self lining pump, made entirely of leather. A foam pad has been added between the inner sock and outer sole to cushion against landing impacts. The traditional pleats under the toe have been removed for added comfort and a full, stitched sole right to the toe, gives protection against wear, where most wear occurs – at the toe. This ultimately reduces cost to the dancer both in terms of stress on the foot and financially.

Are there differences in jig shoe tips and heels?
Some manufacturers may say that they have a louder or better tip or heel than others. The materials used do vary, but ultimately they do the same job. The difference in volume from one tip type to another certainly does vary to a degree.  Our Thunder tips and Hurricane Heels have been developed to their highly regarded specification over the years and are as good as it gets when it comes to the sound they make and the durability they provide.  

May I pay for dance shoes by credit card?
Yes. We now accept Visa, Mastercard/Eurocard debit and credit cards as well as American Express and Diners Club.

May I pay by another means?
We can accept bankers Euro cheques drawn on an Irish Bank accompanying an order by post. We also accept Postal Orders in Euro. On request our A/C IBAN and BIC details will be made avalable for Electronic Transfers.  You can pay through PayPal and Electronic Bank Transfers.  We also accept Personal Cheques and we’ll even accept cash.

How do I order the correct size ?
Ordering the correct size of Pump or Jig Shoe is best done by tracing the outline of the foot (in sox) on a plain piece of paper. Please measure the length of the foot in Centimetres and choose the corresponding size on the drop-down size menus. Otherwise send the drawing to us by post and we can then determine the correct size for you. 

May I return incorrectly fitting shoes?
You may exchange shoes for the correct size, provided the shoes have not been worn and are in perfect condition. The customer must bear the cost of shipping.

How soon may I expect delivery?
Normally we ship on a same day basis provided the order is received before 11am. We hold large stocks of shoes in order to provide this service, but occasionally we run out of certain sizes and dispatch may well be subject to a short delay.