Boyne Walk – Drop Ship Account Information

What is a Drop Shipping ?

Basically, drop shipping is an arrangement that a Retailer (you) makes with a Wholesale distributor (Boyne Walk). You, the Retailer sells the product, and Boyne Walk then ships it to the customer on your behalf.

How will this benefit me ?

This arrangement benefits both the Boyne Walk and You in terms of sales of a product, but You don’t have to worry about shipping or carrying a large stock inventory.  We take care of that.

Do I need an established business to proceed ?

Not necessarily.  Drop Shipping is a relatively new concept that grew in tandem with online retailing, however it is not necessary to have an established online presence.  While many of our customers have websites, we do ship on behalf of High Street Retailers, who have a small stock of our shoes on display for promotional purposes. Many more of our customers are Feis Vendors who will ‘Stock-up’ especially for a Feis and who take orders at Feiseanna for Drop Ship purposes.

How exactly does it work ?

You promote the goods you wish to sell, online or otherwise, the customer places an order with you, you forward the order to us by email and we ship on your behalf and include promotional material, post labels etc. (all supplied by you) in the package. The customer pays your retail price to you and we deduct payment from your Credit / Debit Card at Point of Dispatch, plus the cost of postage.  Simple !

What price do I pay for these goods ?

We charge you Trade/Wholesale prices plus the Net. price of shipping to your customers destination.

What price do I charge for these goods ?

We do not have an RRP.  Customers will have to calculate unit cost, duties, shipping, overhead costs etc.  It may be useful to search the Internet to find out what other resellers are charging for similar items.

Where can I find out more about your goods and services ?

Our Catalogue is available to download from our website and it contains most of the information you will need. It will also contain Terms and Conditions that will not apply to you as a Drop Shipper.

How long does it take to process orders ?

We keep a large inventory of stock and can ship most items on a Same Day Basis. That means that if we receive your order before 11am (GMT, Dublin Time), we will ship the same day.

How long before my customer receives delivery ?

We ship using An Post, Irelands postal service and they quote the following:
“Generally Standard Post items are delivered next working day, with international items taking between 3 to 7 working days”

How and When do I pay you ?

We expect to keep your credit card on file and will deduct the appropriate payment from your card as we ship.

Will I receive an Invoice/Receipt ?

Yes. We will email an invoice to you for each transaction in PDF format very shortly after dispatch of goods.

    The advantages of drop shipping are:

  • * No inventory
  • * No shipping
  • * You buy wholesale and sell retail
  • * Distributor supplies product information and new products

Returns Policy

We sell thousands of pairs of Irish Dance Shoes every year and maintain an average of 0.03% returns due to faulty goods. Should any of our shoes develop a manufacturing fault, we will replace them or refund the cost to you. We do ask that these shoes are returned to us for examination to determine the fault.

I hope above makes sense to you.
Of course, we’ll take care of customs documentation etc. We recommend that if you have correspondence/flyers/postage labels etc. you wish us to include in packets please forward same to us here.
Included below is a Customer Information Form that we require you to fill in, sign and return to us. On this you will find space for Credit Card information. If you scan this and e-mail it to me we can process orders for you immediately. I would be obliged if you would also post the original signed copy for our records.
Orders can be made via regular e-mail, as we’ll have sensitive credit card information on file and obviously this will not have to be sent securely on an ongoing basis


Boyne Walk – Drop Ship Customer Information Form
Please complete this form for our records and return it to us by E_Mail or Post.

Boyne Walk, Whitemill, Faughart, Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland Tel: +353 42 9380867 E-Mail: [email protected]

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